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Inexcusable by Chris Lynch [Oct. 23rd, 2009|03:36 pm]
Where Intelligence Blooms


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It's scary to think how many guys like this are truly out there. Guys who think that they can do no wrong, football stars or class presidents who think they're just having some fun when they're actually causing harm. Someone vandalizing property or hazing other kids becuase that's "just what people do" They are harming anyone, it's all in good fun. It's not even the egos of some people, it's prespective. Someone could read into someone else's actions in an entirely different way than is intended. A girl flirting with a guy doesn't mean she wants him. This book actually makes me understand using insanity as a defense for rape. It's no excuse, but if a man wants to believe that a woman wants him, he can also make himself believe that it is a consentual act. People can say or do crazy things because they are somehow justifying it in their own mind. Then there's the fact of rape. People say that he didn't rape her, or that she wanted it. I believe people who see it this way, only do because it is told from the boy's pov. He's hanging out with the girl all night, he's spent time with her before, he loves her, he's delluded himself into beliving that she feels the same way. She has shown no intrest in him romantically before, but he still feels that they're making love. Even he realizes, at the end, what he's done, he knows it was wrong, he waits for his punishment.